The key to a successful pawnshop is to have a larger ‘pawn loan balance.’ ‘Pawn loan balance’ is the term for the amount of money loaned out at any given time. We believe this and work very, very hard to get our loan customers the most we can. Typically, pawnshops loan between 20 – 35% of what they think they can sell an item for, if the loan is not paid, and the item becomes property of the pawnshop.

We recognize the need of our customers to get as much money as they can from their personal property when they use it for a collateral loan. We tend to loan 40% – 60%, depending on the category, condition, market demand, etc. Virtually all pawnshops advertise that they loan more; WE DO!

Over the years, we have consistently told our customers to check around for the best offer. We always hold our offer open to them, if they choose to return. Over 80% of the time, customers have come back to us for their loan.

We ask you to call us at the above number if you have questions, or you are invited to bring your personal property into our store for an appraisal and an offer.