Many Americans do not have a bank relationship. As many as 24% of American adults are either un-banked or under-banked, which means they have had to use a “Check Casher’, ‘Payday Lender’, or ‘Pawnshop’ in the last year. Many of these people have a very difficult time cashing their checks.

We recognize the problem and try to be a part of the solution for these customers. We have become a major player in Cheyenne, WY for check cashing and charge for our check cashing service at the following rates:

          -Payday, Insurance Settlement, Government checks                  -        2.5%

          -3rd party, Some Handwritten checks & others                            -        2.95%

We cannot cash every check. However, we try to help our customers with as many as possible when it makes good business sense. Customers are required to have a government issued I.D. and provide address and phone numbers of the maker and the casher.

Check Cashers are responsible if the check does not clear.